River Rendezvous

River Rendezvous



Fleur Fenton Cowles (nee Freidman), a formidable American journalist, socialite, hostess and artist, was born in New York. From the early 1930s she wrote a weekly fashion column for The New York World-Telegram. In 1937 she and her second husband, Atherton Pettingell, founded the advertising agency Pettingell & Fenton and counted Helena Rubenstein among her clients. Divorcing Pettingell in 1946 she left the advertising agency and on her marriage to the publisher Gardner Cowles she became associate editor at Look magazine, and year later, an associate editor at Quick magazine. In 1950 she founded the influential Flair magazine. Described in Time as “a fancy bouillabaisse of Vogue, Town & Country, Holiday etc”, it was highly praised for its design, contributors and lavish production but due to it’s high costs proved to be short lived. She moved to Europe in the late 1950s and alongside her life as a society hostess she also worked and exhibited as a painter and illustrator. He paintings are almost surrealistic and often feature flowers, big cats and dreamlike settings. She painting Desert Journey was reproduced as the cover of the 1968 Donovan album Donovan in Concert. She also designed tapestries, accessories and china for Denby Ltd and in 1959 wrote an authorised biography of Salvador Dali. Among her many achievements and posts she represented President Eisenhower at the Coronation of Elizabeth II, was senior fellow of the Royal College of Art in London and with her husband she helped build the Institute of American Studies in Oxford. She died in Sussex at the age of 101.


Height 71.12 cm / 28 "
Width 180.34 cm / 71 "