Katharine Cameron

1874 - 1965

Scotland A flower and landscape painter in watercolour, oil and gouache as well as an accomplished etcher. Born in Hillhead, Glasgow, 26th February 1874, the sister of Sir D.Y. Cameron, Kate Cameron studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1890 - 93 under Fra Newbery and later at Colarossis in Paris with Gustave Courtois. Between 1904 and 1910 she illustrated a number of childrens fairy tales and legends, but her real love was flower painting. Her earlier flower pieces from the 1890s and early 1900s tend to be rich in colour and wet in technique but this gave way to a more delicate style with careful drawing and restrained colour, influenced by painters like Crawhall and Edwin Alexander. In 1928 she married Arthur Kay, the art collector and connoisseur. Cameron exhibited widely both at home, at the RA from 1912-1963 and over 180 works at both the RSA 1894-1965 and the RGI 1891-1965 and internationally.