Riders on Rotten Row, Hyde Park

Riders on Rotten Row, Hyde Park



Laboureur was born in Nantes in 1877. A painter, illustrator and print maker. He initially studied law in Paris but gave this up in favour of studying art at the Academie Julian. He became friendly with Toulouse-Latrec who helped him with his first lithographs. He then travelled to Germany and North America before taking a studio in Chelsea in 1907 where he worked for some year. On his return to France he first exhibited in Paris in 1911 and made his name as a pioneering avant garde print maker. He founded the group Les Peintres-Graveurs Independants and was one of the most successful and influential printmakers of his day. He was based in Paris but returned to London every year where he also owned a house.


Height 43.18 cm / 17 "
Width 90.17 cm / 35 "
Framed height 118.11 cm / 46 "
Framed width 163.83 cm / 64 "