Claude Harrison


England Studios at Ambleside, Windermere, Easedale and Cartmell Fell from 1950. Married to the painter Audrey Johnson 1947. One son Tobias, born in 1950, the potter.

Exhibitor RA, RSPP and many more. Numerous one-man shows in London, Italy, USA, Holland and the provinces. Publications: The Portrait Painters Handbook, 1968; Studio, Vista, Watson Guptill, The Book of Tobit, 1969; Private publication in aid of UNICEF.

Painter of murals, portraits, conversation pieces and imaginative figure; compositions in UK, Europe and USA.

In itself the work of Claude Harrison exudes mystical value. His bizarre theatrical themes incite irresistible impulses in the viewer to give his imagination free rein and turn back within himself to the time of his ancestors, filled with cryptic symbols, miracles and mysteries.

Those of us who embark on this journey with our eyes open are apt to find far more to enjoy along the way for Claude Harrison is a brilliant painter.

In a subdued palette and with a fine eye for detail and material expression he is impressive in a refined and delicate manner.

'The paintings of comedians are done for my own entertainment.n I enjoy the construction of figure compositions, and comedians. Their anarchic behaviour and outrageous costumes offer a rich source of imagery.'

Harrisons paintings have an aspect, not directly connected with their subject, which is intentionally decorative. The contrived arrangement of the figures and the bright clear colours of their fantastic and even slightly sinister clothing set against austere scenery adds to this effect and to their impact.


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