Francis Valerio
Patinated plaster plaque
37.00 x 30.50cm (14.57 x 12.01 inches)
Beatrice Moss Elvery was the second daughter of a Dublin businessman. She and her sister, Dorothy, attended the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art,...
Stock Code: 2248
Bronze on a marble base
42.00 (16.54)
Howes was born in East Dereham, Norfolk and studied at the Royal Academy Schools and Slade. He first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1918 and wa...
Stock Code: 2157
The Age of Innocence
Bronze on a green marble base
45.50 (17.91)
Born in Islington, London, Drury was raised in Oxford where his father owned and inn. He attended Oxford School of Art and then the National Art T...
Stock Code: 2017
Bust of a Roman Woman
Polychrome plaster (possibly some later paint)
47.00 (18.50)
Domenicho (Domenico) Brucciani (1815-1880) was born in Lucca, Italy and migrated to England in the first half of the nineteenth century. He establi...
Stock Code: 2058
Alfreda, The Artist's Daughter
Plater with paginated surface on a wooden base
30.00 (11.81)
Barbe was born in Dalston, London, the son of Gustave Garbe, a manufacturer of ivory and tortoiseshell fancy goods to whom he was apprenticed. He ...
Stock Code: 1839


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