On the Beach
Watercolour over traces of pencil
22.00 x 33.00cm (8.66 x 12.99 inches)
Henry Charles Brewer was the son of the artist Henry William Brewer. He studied at Westminster School of Art with Frederick Brown and lived in Lon...
Stock Code: 2232
Muriwai, Auckland, New Zealand
Watercolour and pen and ink, unframed, in conservation mount
26.50 x 37.50cm (10.43 x 14.76 inches)
In the 1950s Leda Grant exhibited at the Auckland Society of Arts, New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, and Canterbury Society of Artists.
Passing Clouds
50.00 x 73.50cm (19.69 x 28.94 inches)
Severn came from an artistic family, his father was the artist Joseph Severn and his brother Walter and sister Mary were also artists. He studied ...
Stock Code: 2022
On Board Favell
Watercolour over traces of pencil, unframed
30.00 x 21.50cm (11.81 x 8.46 inches)
Claude Muncaster was born in West Chiltington, Sussex. Originally name Grahame Hall, he changed his name by deed-poll in order to avoid confusion ...
Stock Code: 1977
Open Sea
24.00 x 32.00cm (9.45 x 12.60 inches)
Stott was born in Oldham, the son of a cotton mill owner. He studied at Manchester School of Art before going to Paris and studying under Gerome. ...
Stock Code: 1831
The Reef - Tropical Smith
Gouache over traces of pencil, unframed, in conservation mount only
22.50 x 18.00cm (8.86 x 7.09 inches)
Marie Palmer Smith was born in King’s Norton, Worcestershire. Known as Bay to her friends and family, the Christian name Palmer was after a favou...
Stock Code: PS10
Robin Hood's Bay
Watercolour heightened with white and scratching out
28.00 x 38.50cm (11.02 x 15.16 inches)
This view of Robin Hood’s Bay near Whitby is very similar to Hunt’s 1887 watercolour Robin Hood’s Bay – Mending Nets, exhibited at the Old ...
Stock Code: 1787
The Storm
Oil on paper
23.00 x 25.50cm (9.06 x 10.04 inches)
Shackleton was born in Bradford, the son of a paper manufacturer and merchant. He attended Bradford Grammar School and then studied art at Bradfor...
Stock Code: 1627
Low Tide
Oil over traces of pencil on paper
25.00 x 30.50cm (9.84 x 12.01 inches)
Connard was born in Southport, Lancashire. At first he worked as a house painter and studied art at evening classes until he won a scholarship in ...
Stock Code: 1574
A Rocky Shore
Pencil and watercolour on blue/grey paper
22.00 x 16.50cm (8.66 x 6.50 inches)
Holiday was born in London and initially took lessons with William Cave Thomas. He then studied at Leigh’s Academy and the Royal Academy Schools...
Stock Code: 1539
Deck of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Line's S.S. Don en route to Demerara
Watrcolour over traces of pencil, unframed, in conservaton mount
11.50 x 23.00cm (4.53 x 9.06 inches)
Built in 1872 for the Pacific Steam Navigation Company, she was originally named the Corocavado. In 1877 she was purchased by the Royal Mail Steam...
Stock Code: 1402
The Pier
Watercolour and bodycolour
27.50 x 36.00cm (10.83 x 14.17 inches)
Hilda Chancellor-Pope studied at Bromley School of Art, 1928-32, Beckenham School of Art and at the Royal College of Art, 1932-5, under Sir William...
Stock Code: 1315
Tropical Fish - Design for a Playing Card
Bodycolour, unframed
8.50 x 5.50cm (3.35 x 2.17 inches)
Marie Palmer Smith was born in King’s Norton, Worcestershire. Known as Bay to her friends and family, the Christian name Palmer was after a favo...
Stock Code: 1259.1


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