Petworth Park Fair 2019

Dates: 09 May - 09 June 2019

Once again I will be exhibiting at the Petworth Park Art & Antiques Fair. This year the fair runs 10-12 May.

Please contact me for further details and complimentary tickets.

To Lead in the Winner while the Bookmakers Cheered
55.00 x 84.00cm (21.65 x 33.07 inches)
The present work was used as an illustration of the 1922 publication of John Masefield’s poem Right Royal. The long narrative poem tells the sto...
Stock Code: 2265
The Woodland Path
27.00 x 20.00cm (10.63 x 7.87 inches)
Helen Allingham (nee Paterson) was born near Burton-on-Trent, Derbyshire, and received her training as an artist at the Birmingham School of Design...
Full Bloom
Watercolour and bodycolour
66.50 x 51.00cm (26.18 x 20.08 inches)
Armfield was born in Sanderstead, Surrey and studied at the West of England College of Art. He leaned tempera painting from his cousin Maxwell Arm...
Stock Code: 2119
Drypoint, from an edition of 100
12.00 x 17.00cm (4.72 x 6.69 inches)
Edmund Blampied is one of the Channel Islands most significant and best known artist artists.. Greatly versatile, he worked as a painter, illustrat...
Stock Code: JS15
A Surrey Common in November
16.00 x 43.50cm (6.30 x 17.13 inches)
Boyce initially trained as an architect but after a meeting with David Cox in Wales in 1849 decided to give up architecture in favour of painting. ...
Stock Code: 1986
On the Beach
Watercolour over traces of pencil
22.00 x 33.00cm (8.66 x 12.99 inches)
Henry Charles Brewer was the son of the artist Henry William Brewer. He studied at Westminster School of Art with Frederick Brown and lived in Lon...
Stock Code: 2232
The Dance
47.50 x 50.50cm (18.70 x 19.88 inches)
Veronica Burleigh was born in Hove, Sussex, the daughter of the artists Charles and Averil Burleigh. She studied at the Slade and exhibited at the...
Stock Code: 1960
Elizabeth Sewing
Watercolour and chalk
17.00 x 17.50cm (6.69 x 6.89 inches)
Dennis William Dring was born in London and studied at the Slade under Henry Tonks, 1922-25, where he won a first prize for drawing and figure pain...
Stock Code: 1673
The Welter Weight.  The Race may not always be to the swift - but it generally i...
Pencil and pen and ink
13.50 x 22.00cm (5.31 x 8.66 inches)
Lionel Edwards was born in Clifton, the son of a doctor. He studied in London at the South Kensington Schools and later at the Heatherley School o...
Stock Code: 2251
Fete Champetre
Watercolour and pen and ink
35.50 x 47.00cm (13.98 x 18.50 inches)
Gaskell exhibited landscapes and romantic classical scenes at the Royal Academy between 1934-1964. He was elected an Associate member of the Royal...
Stock Code: 292
The Spotted Veil
Watercolour and bodycolour
54.00 x 40.00cm (21.26 x 15.75 inches)
Gertrude Ellen Demain Hammond was born in Brixton. She studied at Lambeth School of Art followed by the Royal Academy Schools where she won a priz...
Stock Code: 2078
Windsor Castle - Morning
Watercolour heightened with scratching out
26.00 x 36.50cm (10.24 x 14.37 inches)
The present work is related to the artist’s large 1889 watercolour of Windsor Castle now in the collection of the Tate Gallery. It also shows th...
Stock Code: 1788
49.00 x 31.00cm (19.29 x 12.20 inches)
Middleton Todd was born at Helston, near Newlyn, Cornwall, the son of the painter Ralph Todd. He studied under his father and Stanhope Forbes befo...
Stock Code: 1206
Coloured chalks
41.50 x 35.50cm (16.34 x 13.98 inches)
An animal and landscape painter in oil, watercolour and pastel. Born in Aspatria, Cumbria, educated at St John’s School, Leatherhead and studied...
Stock Code: 606
Petworth Park
12.00 x 17.00inch (30.48 x 43.18 cm)
Claude Muncaster was born in West Chiltington, Sussex. Originally name Grahame Hall, he changed his name by deed-poll in order to avoid confusion ...
Flowers in a Glass
Oil on board
20.50 x 14.00cm (8.07 x 5.51 inches)
Painted in 2002. Tessa Newcomb was born in Suffolk and is the daughter of the artist Mary Newcomb. She studied at Norwich School of Art, Bath A...
Stock Code: SC
Lady Hare and Child
54.00 x 40.50cm (21.26 x 15.94 inches)
Sophie Ryder was born in London and studied combined arts at the Royal Academy School 1981-84. Although best known for her large scale wire sculptu...
Stock Code: JS03
Oil on board
25.50 x 20.50cm (10.04 x 8.07 inches)
Carolyn Cann studied at Wimbledon School of Art (1955-59) and at the Royal Academy Schools (1959-62) where she was a Silver Medallist. At the Roya...
Stock Code: 2231




Oil on canvas board
14.00 x 20.00cm (5.51 x 7.87 inches)
Carolyn Cann studied at Wimbledon School of Art (1955-59) and at the Royal Academy Schools (1959-62) where she was a Silver Medallist. At the Roya...
Stock Code: 2141
Geranium on a Window Ledge
Watercolour and bodycolour over traces of pencil
22.50 x 12.50cm (8.86 x 4.92 inches)
Shackleton was born in Bradford, the son of a paper manufacturer and merchant. He attended Bradford Grammar School and then studied art at Bradfor...
Stock Code: 2180
Oak Tree, Parham
Watercolour and bodycolour over traces of pencil, framed
42.00 x 30.50cm (16.54 x 12.01 inches)
Shackleton was born in Bradford, the son of a paper manufacturer and merchant. He attended Bradford Grammar School and then studied art at Bradfor...
Stock Code: 2181
The Two Mothers
Pastel, circular
23.00 x 23.00cm (9.06 x 9.06 inches)
Stott was born in Rochdale, the son of a mill-owner and mayor of the town. In 1880 he moved to Paris to study under Carolus-Duran and at the Ecole ...
Stock Code: 2073
Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner
Oil on panel
25.50 x 35.50cm (10.04 x 13.98 inches)
Talmage was born in Fifield, Oxfordshire, the son of a clergyman. He studied at the Herkomer School in Bushey, one of his fellow students being Lu...
Stock Code: 2039
Dunce, Dunce, Double D
Pen and ink, framed
31.00 x 22.50cm (12.20 x 8.86 inches)
Dunce, Dunce, Double D Can you say your ABC? “A was an Archer who shot at a frog Say it at once, you naughty dog! B was a Butcher, C was hi...
Stock Code: 1704
The Dustman
Pen and ink, framed
33.50 x 23.50cm (13.19 x 9.25 inches)
Generally I rather dread The hour for going up to bed But sometimes, when it’s getting late And I am tired of my drawing slate, A...
Stock Code: 1703
Beyond Temptation
Watercolour heightened with bodycolour over traces of pencil
25.00 x 49.00cm (9.84 x 19.29 inches)
Watts was born in Rochester, Kent, the son of a Deputy Surgeon-General in the Indian Medical Service, Indian Army. He was educated at Dulwich Coll...
Stock Code: 2146
Veterans Two
40.50 x 43.50cm (15.94 x 17.13 inches)
Frederic Whiting was born in Hampstead, London and educated at Deal and St Mark’s College, Chelsea. After a short time working in the City he st...
Stock Code: 2212
25.50 x 18.00cm (10.04 x 7.09 inches)
Stock Code: 2057

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