Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair, 2014

Dates: 16 May - 30 June 2014

Once again I will be exhibiting at the Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair. This year it runs from 5-15 June. Please contact me for further information and tickets to the fair.

The following is a taste of some of the works I will be showing. I look forward to seeing you on Stand F39.

A Breezy Day
35.00 x 51.00cm (13.78 x 20.08 inches)
Ingram was born in Twickenham, the son of a Scottish churchman. After a time as a pupil of the artists John Steeple and Augustus Walford Weedon h...
Stock Code: 1407
An Angel
Watercolour, bodycolour and gold paint
10.00 x 9.00cm (3.94 x 3.54 inches)
Davis was born in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. He was educated at Abingdon School where he was awarded a foundation scholarship in 1871. In 1891 he bec...
Stock Code: 1367
Oil on board
25.00 x 17.50inch (63.50 x 44.45 cm)
Jessica Hayllar was the oldest of the four artistically talented daughters of the portrait and figure painter James Hayllar. She was born in Londo...
Stock Code: 1332
Bottle and Feather
Tempera on board
23.00 x 12.50cm (9.06 x 4.92 inches)
Maxwell Ashby Armfield was born at Ringwood, Hampshire, of Quaker parents, his father being a milling engineer. He studied at the Birmingham Schoo...
Stock Code: 1337
Brassica Oleracea
Watercolour on silk
29.00 x 24.00cm (11.42 x 9.45 inches)
Born at Ringwood, Hampshire, of Quaker parents, his father being a milling engineer, Armfield studied at the Birmingham School of Art under Arthur ...
Stock Code: 1050
Costume Design for Caesar and Cleopatra
Watercolour and chalks heightened with white and gold paint
36.00 x 24.00cm (14.17 x 9.45 inches)
Born in London, Messel was the grandson of the illustrator Linley Sambourne. After Eton he studied art at the Slade School of Art and by the early...
Stock Code: 1356
Costume Design for Caesar and Cleopatra
Watercolour and chalks heightened with white and gold paint
36.00 x 24.00cm (14.17 x 9.45 inches)
Born in London, Messel was the grandson of the illustrator Linley Sambourne. After Eton he studied art at the Slade School of Art and by the early...
Stock Code: 1357
Cottage at Barford, Churt, Surrey
Watercolour heightened with white. In original frame.
35.50 x 25.50cm (13.98 x 10.04 inches)
George James Howard, 9th Earl of Carlisle was an aristocrat, Liberal politician, artist. He was a friend and important patron to a number of artis...
Stock Code: 1264
Designs for Stained Glass - St Luke; St George; St Laurence; St Andrew; St John
A set of five, all black wash over traces of pencil, heightened with white, shield shaped
22.50 x 19.00cm (8.86 x 7.48 inches)
Sidney Harold Meteyard was born in Stourbridge and studied under Edward R Taylor at Birmingham School of Art where he may well have first come into...
Stock Code: 1364
Harvest Field
22.50 x 39.00cm (8.86 x 15.35 inches)
Born in Rochdale, Stott studied in Paris under Carolus-Duran and at the Ecole des Beaux Arts under Cabanel, where he was a contemporary of Philip W...
Stock Code: 1282
March, April and May
49.50 x 39.50cm (19.49 x 15.55 inches)
Robert James Enraght-Moony was born in Athlone, Ireland. He studied at the Academie Julian in Paris before further travels and studies in Italy and...
Stock Code: 1165
Midsummer Day
Watercolour over traces of pencil
35.00 x 55.00cm (13.78 x 21.65 inches)
Born in Hillhead, Glasgow, the sister of the landscape artist Sir D. Y. Cameron. She studied at Glasgow School of Art under Fra Newbery and in Par...
Stock Code: 854
Playing a Guitar
Pencil, unframed
24.00 x 21.00cm (9.45 x 8.27 inches)
Joseph Syddall was born in the village of Old Whittington, near Chesterfield, the son of a local carpenter. After a time working as a clerk for a ...
Stock Code: 1354
Polar Bears at an Ice Hole
Oil on canvas
46.00 x 76.00cm (18.11 x 29.92 inches)
Warwick Reynolds was born is Islington, the son of a graphic artist also called Warwick Reynolds. He was educated at Stroud Green and studied at t...
Psyche at the Tate Gallery
Oil on canvas
61.00 x 45.50cm (24.02 x 17.91 inches)
Beresford was born in Derby where he studied at the School of Art. After a time in Paris at the Academie Carmen he entered the St John’s Wood Sc...
Stock Code: 1324




Chalks heightened with white
45.00 x 62.00cm (17.72 x 24.41 inches)
Tunnicliffe was born near Macclesfield, Cheshire and was a noted animal and bird painter, illustrator and engraver. He won a scholarship to Maccle...
Stock Code: 1284
San Gimignano
Oil on canvas
51.00 x 61.00cm (20.08 x 24.02 inches)
James Tucker was born in Wallsend, Northumberland. He was educated at the King Edward VII School and Armstrong College of Art in Newcastle, 1914-2...
Stock Code: 1382
Watercolour and pen and ink
38.00 x 17.00cm (14.96 x 6.69 inches)
Anna Airy studied at the Slade under Henry Tonks, Fred Brown and Philip Wilson Steer winning the Melville Nettleship Prize several times, the Slade...
Stock Code: 1231
Summer by the River
Oil on board
29.00 x 45.00cm (11.42 x 17.72 inches)
Bond was a prominent member of the Liverpool school of artists in the late 19th century, his contemporaries included William Davis and William Hugg...
Watercolour and bodycolour
39.00 x 31.00cm (15.35 x 12.20 inches)
William Henry Barribal was born in Oswestry, Shropshire and first worked as an apprentice lithographer in London before studying at the Academie Ju...
Stock Code: 1383
Temples at Evening
Watercolour in original Indian carved ebony frame
29.00 x 52.50cm (11.42 x 20.67 inches)
Born Constance Lascelles, she was the eldest daughter of the 4th Earl of Harewood and grew up at Harewood House, Yorkshire. In 1872 she married Be...
Stock Code: 1348
The Dangers of the Street
Pen and ink and watercolour wash, unframed
24.00 x 34.00cm (9.45 x 13.39 inches)
Ihlee was born in London in 1883. In 1906 he went to the Slade where he studied under Henry Tonks. There his group of friends and contemporaries ...
Stock Code: 1344
The Distant Call
Watercolour on linen
32.00 x 27.50cm (12.60 x 10.83 inches)
Armour was born in Waterside, Lanarkshire and studied at St Andrews University, Edinburgh School of Art and the Royal Scottish Academy Schools. He...
Stock Code: 1347
The Living and the Dead
Watercolour heightened with white
13.50 x 22.00cm (5.31 x 8.66 inches)
William Bell Scott was the son of Robert Scott, an Edinburgh engraver and brother of the artist David Scott. He was born at St Leonard’s, Edinbu...
Stock Code: 1333
The Pipes of Pan
Watercolour and bodycolour
17.00 x 22.00cm (6.69 x 8.66 inches)
Herkomer was born in Waal, Bavaria, the son of a wood carver. His family moved to Southampton in 1857 and he entered the South Kensington Schools ...
The Snow Queen
Watercolour and pencil heightened with white
24.00 x 18.50cm (9.45 x 7.28 inches)
Primrose Harley produced a few illustrations in the early 1930s. The present work was intended as an illustration for the Hans Christian Andersen ...
Stock Code: 1291
47.00 (18.50)
Derwent Wood was born in Keswick, Cumberland. He was taken to live in Germany while still young and studied in Lausanne and Karlsruhe before he re...
Stock Code: 1303
44.50 x 31.00cm (17.52 x 12.20 inches)
Sheringham was born in London and studied at the Slade under Henry Tonks and later in Venice, Brussels, Berlin and Paris where he held his first on...
Stock Code: 1301
Tye Green
Oil on canvasboard
50.00 x 76.00cm (19.69 x 29.92 inches)
John Arthur Malcolm Aldridge was born in Woolwich and educated at Uppingham and Corpus Christi, Oxford where he became a close friend of John Betje...
Stock Code: 1366
View from the Artist's Garden, Painswick
Watercolour and oil on paper
15.00 x 21.00cm (5.91 x 8.27 inches)
Gere was born in Gloucester and studied at the Birmingham School of Art under E R Taylor He joined the staff of the art school in 1893. In the 18...
Stock Code: 1171

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