TVADA Antiques and Art Trail

Dates: 28 April - 19 May 2010

As part of the Thames Valley Antique Dealers Association Antiques and Art Trail I am exhibiting a group of pictures with Hall Bakker Decorative Arts at Heritage, 6 Market Place, Woodstock, Oxfordshire OX29 1TA. The exhibition runs from Friday, 14th May to Sunday 16th May, 10am - 5pm. Please contact me for further information.

Head of a Girl
Red chalk on brown paper
37.50 x 30.00cm (14.76 x 11.81 inches)
Burns was born in Edinburgh where his father was an early landscape photographer. His parents died when he was sixteen and as a result he went to ...
Stock Code: SC/575
A Farmyard
Watercolour and pen and ink
24.50 x 35.00cm (9.65 x 13.78 inches)
Dring studied under Henry Tonks at the Slade where he won several prizes and scholarships. Until 1940 he taught at Southampton School of Art befor...
Stock Code: 879
Head of a Girl
Black and white chalks on grey paper, unframed
32.00 x 25.50cm (12.60 x 10.04 inches)
Born in Anstruther, Fifeshire, Fowler first worked as an architect’s apprentice before studying at Liverpool College of Art and in London at Heat...
Stock Code: 745
Mice and Huntley & Palmer's Superior Biscuits
19.00 x 23.00cm (7.48 x 9.06 inches)
Miss A L Holding was a member of the Birmingham Watercolour Society. She was also a member of the Reading based, Paul Brinson Art Club and it that...
Stock Code: 839
The Chinese Bride
40.00 x 68.50cm (15.75 x 26.97 inches)
Webster Murray was a Canadian born illustrator and portrait painter. He worked in Paris in the early 1920s before moving to London where he worked...
Stock Code: SC/501
Watercolour and bodycolour
27.50 x 20.00cm (10.83 x 7.87 inches)
Born in Walham Green, he studied at the Marlborough House School of Art and was apprenticed to Josiah Wood Whymper as a wood-engraver in 1860. Her...
Stock Code: 877
Watercolour and pen and ink
22.50 x 31.50cm (8.86 x 12.40 inches)
Read had moved Brighton and by 1933 to Tunbridge Wells. His subject matter often featured the shoppers and shop fronts of Kensington and Tunbridge...
Stock Code: 869
Saint Catherine
30.00 x 22.00cm (11.81 x 8.66 inches)
Designed by G E Street, the American Church in Rome was constructed between 1872 and 1876. In 1881 Burne-Jones received the commission to design t...
Stock Code: 870
Watercolour, unframed
28.00 x 19.00cm (11.02 x 7.48 inches)
Francis Martin Russell was born in Marlborough, Wiltshire, the son of John and Harriet Russell. His father was listed was an ironmonger but at tha...
Stock Code: 534
One of Jix's Toy Bobbies
Watercolour and pen and ink
25.00 x 20.00cm (9.84 x 7.87 inches)
The present work is one of a series of studies of local characters from the village of Worplesdon. Sime was a regular and jovial visitor to the lo...
Stock Code: 564
Portrait of Frank Dicksee RA
Pencil, unframed
19.00 x 14.50cm (7.48 x 5.71 inches)
Wirgman was a notable painter of portraits and genre and historical subjects. He exhibited extensively at the Royal Academy and elsewhere and was ...
Stock Code: 867

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